Heard it from a Caregiver

Things we have heard from Family Caregivers

Men and their wallets 
Men love their wallets; they feel complete and ready to go with one in their pocket.  But carrying credit cards or cash can pose a problem – mostly likely losing it. 
How about stuffing their wallet, with store loyalty cards instead of credit cards, photocopy of driver’s license – maybe laminated?  How about a few $1 bills so they feel flush, but not a great loss if it is lost… or they find a new safe place for it? 

Culinary Delights 
While Boost may not be on everyone’s ‘favorites’ list, adding the liquid calories to other healthy food can provide the nutrition and hydration for people whose appetite have diminished, but their brain still needs them.  
How about Boost with some peaches and cream, boost in a banana split, or blended with spinach and full fat yogurt? 
Another favorite suggested by caregivers to help with dehydration is Jell-O.  Yup, Jell-O and full fat yogurt – cool, creamy, and a good texture so folks can feel like they are eating something, without a lot of chewing. 

Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline  
One caregiver had several long nights when their care receiver inverted their days and nights.  She phoned the Alzheimer’s Association’s 24-hour crisis line (800-272-3900).   She first called at 2AM, when she was overwhelmed after trying for hours to get her mother to go back to sleep.  She said the Alzheimer’s crisis staff listened to her, helped her gain some perspective, and worked the problem at hand.   

One caregiver’s mother had several falls, the last of which required an x-ray.  She called ahead to get approval for her paid caregiver to help position her mother for the x-ray because of her balance and mobility problem.   Not all imaging centers are equipped to help position patients. 

Art class  
The caregiver said it best. “My mother loves art and crafts, I have been able to hire art teachers to help her with projects.  She has changed art teachers 3 times as her abilities changed, and the projects need to be simplified.” 

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