Spring Cleaning

Greetings! Spring and all its promises are here.  One promise many of us have made and hope not to break, is a bit of spring cleaning.

We were thinking not so much cleaning the windows, but rather doing some cleaning and organizing of our minds and health before we tackle the clutter.  Caregiving duties and stress make it easy to put off straightening your household and life.

Here are some thoughts on how to approach this:

  • Review your goals for the year
    What can I do before summer arrives? Look at the project to-do list, not the day to day or weekly chores and shopping list.  What project can I take apart into small chunks and finish before the Summer Solstice?  Edit your goal and project list.  If you have not written it down, just do so.  Who knows, you may have a family member or friend volunteer some time and you will have a ready-made list to delegate! If you have crossed off some yearly goals or projects on your list, congratulations!  Time to celebrate those victories.
  • Organize and prioritize your health
    Have you skipped some medical appointments?  Forgot to make them?  How about the dentist?  We are sure they miss you!  They are waiting for you to call and make yourself a priority
  • Cleaning the windows
    Clean windows are always inspiring.  Next, tackle clutter in one closet, or corner of a room.  We all accumulate items in various phases of our lives.  As we move on, we need to make room for the next phase.  In fact, some people leave 10% of their homes empty, believing it will bring new and exciting things into their lives. Consider making room to grow.

A bit of organizing and planning small steps can make spring cleaning more manageable and less overwhelming. 


Have you been sad or more blue than usual?  Counselors can help you sort your feelings.  If you are not sure of where to start, call us. We can help with referrals.

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