Heard it from a Caregiver

My husband’s memory is failing and he is embarrassed when he cannot recall my name. I wear a name tag to help him remember. - Kathy

My husband kept falling out of the bed during the night after he moved into an Adult Family Home. I asked if the bed could be place on the other side of the room so he could get out on his right side, which is the same side he always rolled out of bed for the 57 years of our marriage.  They moved it and he stopped falling out of bed!    
- Joyce 

To help my wife see the light switches better, I put blue painters’ tape around the switch plates.  Just remember if you leave it on for more than a week, it tends to stay stuck.   
- Robert 

When talking with my mother about our grocery list, I realized she was adding up the prices in her head.  I decided to order some grade school math workbooks. We sat down on the couch and worked some math problems. After a few trial problems, she was less stressed solving problems in the 6th grade workbook. When she showed signs of frustration with those problems, we just moved to the next lower grade workbook.  It was a joy to see her smile when solving the problems.  Guess once an accountant, always an accountant.   
- Anne  

My mother was falling a lot, so I contacted my doctor’s office and spoke with their nurse to see if there was help for that.  She helped get the doctor to approve an in-home physical therapy assessment for ‘fall prevention.”  The PT also taught me the proper way to ‘transfer” my Mother from her easy chair to a wheelchair.   Medicare even paid for the appointment since she was a ‘fall risk’ and mostly home bound.     
- Nancy 

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