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Lewis, Mason, and Thurston County senior services and disability services

Welcome to the go-to source for Lewis, Mason, and Thurston County senior services and services for adults with disabilities in the area. We provide information and services designed to promote freedom of choice, dignity, and wellbeing.

Getting older, living with a disability, or providing care for someone in these situations is not without its challenges. We’re here to listen, help you solve problems, and guide you to the answers and resources that are right for you.

If you or someone you care for is an adult with a disability or an adult 60+, you may be wondering where you can find any number of aging and disability services. We are here to serve you with reliable information and nationally-recognized programs. Whether its meal delivery, transportation, in-home care, long-term care, or something else you need, we are here to help. Click below to select the services most relevant to you.

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